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UV-A ultraviolet LEDs from Liteon


UV-A ultraviolet LEDs from Liteon

TME’s offer of ultraviolet LEDs has just been enriched by new families of LTPL-C034UVHxxx and LTPL-U034UVHxxx series LEDs from LITEON.

Key features:

  • Wavelength: 365 nm (LTPL-C034UVH365) and 385 nm (LTPL-U034UVH385, LTPL-C034UVH385) – operates in the UV-A band,
  • Optical power 665 mW (LTPL-C034UVH365, LTPL-U034UVH385) and 975 mW (LTPL-C034UVH385),
  • Case: 3.5x3.5 mm, with transparent lens.

UV LEDs are perfect for disinfection, sterilization, hardening, cosmetology, or watermark detection. In comparison to traditional UV sources, they offer longer lifecycle, high efficiency, and narrow radiation spectrum.

The most important advantage of UV LEDs from LITEON is very high radiation efficiency, which enables using up to:

  • 50.6% of energy consumed for UV radiation in case of LTPL-C034UVH385 LED,
  • 34.4% of energy consumed for UV radiation in case of LTPL-U034UVH385 and LTPL-C034UVH365 LEDs.

Symbol Description
LTPL-U034UVH385 LED; ultraviolet; λd:385nm; 125°; 500mA; 3.7V; 665mW; Mounting: SMD
LTPL-C034UVH385 LED; ultraviolet; λd:385nm; 130°; 500mA; 3.7V; 975mW; Mounting: SMD
LTPL-C034UVH365 LED; ultraviolet; λd:365nm; 130°; 500mA; 3.8V; 665mW; Mounting: SMD

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