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BC337 bipolar transistors from Diotec Semiconductor


BC337 bipolar transistors from Diotec Semiconductor

From now on, TME offers BC337 bipolar transistors from DIOTEC SEMICONDUCTOR. Due to their versatility, they can be widely used in almost every electronic device.

UCE voltage 45V
Max IC current 800mA
Power 625mW
Max frequency 100MHz
Package TO-92
Symbol Typical hFE gain Pitch [mm] Packaging
BC337-16-DIO 160 2.54 tape (Ammo Pack)
BC337-16BK-DIO 160 1.27 bulk
BC337-25-DIO 250 2.54 tape (Ammo Pack)
BC337-25BK-DIO 250 1.27 bulk
BC337-40-DIO 400 2.45 tape (Ammo Pack)
BC337-40BK-DIO 400 1.27 bulk