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Thermaltronics TMT-PH200 preheaters


Thermaltronics TMT-PH200 preheaters

THERMALTRONICS TMT-PH200 preheaters are infrared heaters designed for PCB heating before soldering.

TMT-PH200 are equipped with high quality quartz heaters and electronic controller.
It ensures even temperature distribution, prevents deformation of PCBs, and reduces the risk of component overheating.

Properties of THERMALTRONICS preheaters:

  • high quality quartz heaters,
  • control in feedback loop,
  • LED display showing both reference and current values,
  • adjustable handles for PCB,
  • appropriate for both lead and unleaded technologies.

Power 600W
Temperature range 100°C - 380°C
Working surface dimensions 130 x 130mm
Device dimensions 220 x 73 x 250mm
Max PCB dimensions 140 x 185mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Symbol Description
TMT-PH200 Preheater; ESD; 130x130mm; 600W; Display: LED 3 digits

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