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NEWBRAND hand trucks


NEWBRAND hand trucks

TME’s offer includes NEWBRAND’s high quality hand trucks that noticeably facilitate transport within a warehouse. Thanks to them, moving heavy objects and boxes becomes much easier, which increases the effectiveness and ergonomics of operations.

Key advantages of NEWBRAND hand trucks:

  • excellent craftsmanship,
  • durable construction,
  • folding (NB-TROL02),
  • aluminium bottom stiffening beam (NB-TROL02, NB-TROL03),
  • anti-slip rubbers (NB-TROL02, NB-TROL03),
  • tow bar (NB-TROL03, NB-TROL04),
  • reinforced corners (NB-TROL02, NB-TROL03, NB-TROL04).

Symbol Description
NB-TROL01-3 Device: hand truck; 750x460x980mm
NB-TROL02 Device: hand truck; 680x430x800mm
NB-TROL03 Device: hand truck; 680x430x175mm
NB-TROL04 Device: hand truck; 630x450x160mm

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