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MC25100V1-CEL DC fan from SUNON


MC25100V1-CEL DC fan from SUNON

The MC25100V1-CEL axial fan has many applications. It operates quietly, it is small and lightweight, it has low power consumption and high rotational speed.

The package and rotor are made of thermoplastic materials, ensuring operation in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 70°C. The fan has three wires, MOLEX MX-50079-8000 contacts and a MOLEX MX-51021-0300 plug. It has a type F signal output and an Auto Restart function.

Manufacturer SUNON
Fan type DC
Fan kind axial
Supply voltage 5V DC
Operating voltage 2.5…6V
Fan dimensions 25x25x10mm
Power consumption 600mW
Rated current 120mA
Fan efficiency 5.95m3/h
Noise level 23dBA
Bearing type Vapo
Rotational speed 13,000 (±20%) rpm
Symbol Description
MC25100V1-CEL Fan: DC; axial; 5VDC; 25x25x10mm; 5.95m3/h; 23dBA; Vapo

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