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WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit


WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit

WIZWIKI-W7500 is a development kit utilizing W7500 controller with a maximum frequency of 48MHz made by WIZNET. This system is based on ARM architecture with a Cortex-M0 core.

The W7500 controller's distinct feature is a TCP/IP stack, implemented into the hardware, with 32kB of RAM reserved for its operation. It supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE protocols.

This system has its own MAC address and offers 128kB of program memory and a wide range of peripherals. It is highly useful for applications that utilize internet connections and fits perfectly into the Internet of Things concept.
Other parameters:

  • 16kB of user's RAM;
  • 53 General purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO);
  • 8-bit analog to digital converter (ADC);
  • interfaces: UART x3, SPI x2, SWD, I2C x2, PWM, GPIO and MII – used to connect with external Ethernet transceiver using the physical layer (PHY).

The WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit makes it easier to start working with the W7500 controller. It allows users to quickly familiarise themselves with the system's properties and functions.

WIZWIKI-W7500 development kit's features:

  • programming/debugging the kit's chip is done through an USB port;
  • available connectors: expansion connector compatible with the ARDUINO standard, Ethernet RJ45 port with magnetic shielding, SWD, GPIO, USB B micro, and ISP;
  • embedded RGB LED and a socket for microSD cards.

The kit is powered with 5VDC via the USB or from an external source.
The manufacturer provides full documentation, libraries, and multiple examples of W7500 controller's applications.

Symbol Description
WIZWIKI-W7500 Dev.kit: Ethernet; W7500; Ethernet,GPIO,PWM,SPI,SWD,UART x2