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LYTSwitch-0 series integrated LED drivers from Power Integrations


LYTSwitch-0 series integrated LED drivers from Power Integrations

TME’s offer has been enriched by integrated, uninsulated LED drivers from POWER INTEGRATIONS.

A single case contains i.a.: a controller, an oscillator, a thermal protection, a driver, and a MOSFET switching transistor, and only a limited number of external components is required for obtaining a target setup. Due to that, the LYTSwitch-0 series drivers are a perfect fit for economical LED lighting solutions, in particular for LED bulbs.

The circuits do not require any separate power source or transformers.

The circuits are characterised by:

  • high power factor (compliant with UE and U.S. requirements);
  • a limited number of required external components;
  • operating frequency of 66kHz, reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI);
  • the ability to use numerous connection topologies;
  • supply voltage of 85-308V AC;
  • operating temperature (structure) of -40°C - 150°C.

Symbol Case Max output current
LYT0002D SO-8C 80
LYT0002P DIP-8B 80
LYT0004D SO-8C 139
LYT0004P DIP-8B 139
LYT0005D SO-8C 170
LYT0005P DIP-8B 170
LYT0006D SO-8C 280
LYT0006P DIP-8B 280

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