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TCVCXO generators from IQD


TCVCXO generators from IQD

A new series of TCVCXO (temperature compensated voltage controlled oscillator) type generators for SMD mounting is now available at TME. These generators are temperature compensated and controlled with voltage of 1.65 V ± 1.0 V. They are characterised by high stability of frequencies +/-0.5 ppm in a wide temperature range – from -40°C to 85°C. They are also encased in hermetically sealed ceramic packages.

Symbol Frequency
10.00M-CFPT-126 10
20.00M-CFPT-126 20
40.00M-CFPT-126 40
16.3840M-CFPT-126 16,3840
32.7680M-CFPT-126 32,7680

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