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TeSys D series contactors


TeSys D series contactors

TeSys D is the most popular series of contactors from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, a renowned manufacturer of electricity distribution and control apparatus. TME's assortment has just been enriched by 3-pole contactors with 240V and 415V AC coils. The offer also includes TeSys D contactors for 24V DC, as well as 24V, 48V, 110V, or 230V AC voltages.

Due to their compact size, TeSys D contactors are easy and comfortable to install. They have been designed taking into consideration international format standards, and manufactured in compliance with numerous global standards – thanks to that, the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC contactors can be used in applications requiring universal, international compliance.

We encourage you to check the full offer of TeSys D contactors available at TME.

Contactor type 3-pole
Mounting DIN, panel
Control voltage 24V DC, 24V AC, 48V AC, 110V AC, 230V AC, 240V AC, 415V AC
Leads screw terminals
Auxiliary contacts NO + NC
Symbol Switching voltage Max. current
LC1D09B7 24V AC 9A
LC1D12B7 24V AC 12A
LC1D18B7 24V AC 18A
LC1D25B7 24V AC 25A
LC1D32B7 24V AC 32A
LC1D38B7 24V AC 38A
LC1D40AB7 24V AC 40A
LC1D50AB7 24V AC 50A
LC1D65AB7 24V AC 65A
LC1D12BD 24V DC 12A
LC1D18BD 24V DC 18A
LC1D25BD 24V DC 25A
LC1D32BD 24V DC 32A
LC1D38BD 24V DC 38A
LC1D40ABD 24V DC 40A
LC1D50ABD 24V DC 50A
LC1D65ABD 24V DC 65A
LC1D80BD 24V DC 80A
LC1D95BD 24V DC 95A
LC1D09E7 48V AC 9A
LC1D12E7 48V AC 12A
LC1D18E7 48V AC 18A
LC1D25E7 48V AC 25A
LC1D32E7 48V AC 32A
LC1D38E7 48V AC 38A
LC1D40AE7 48V AC 40A
LC1D50AE7 48V AC 50A
LC1D65AE7 48V AC 65A
LC1D09BD 24V DC 9A
LC1D09F7 110V AC 9A
LC1D12F7 110V AC 12A
LC1D18F7 110V AC 18A
LC1D25F7 110V AC 25A
LC1D32F7 110V AC 32A
LC1D38F7 110V AC 38A
LC1D40AF7 110V AC 40A
LC1D50AF7 110V AC 50A
LC1D65AF7 110V AC 65A
LC1D09P7 230V AC 9A
LC1D12P7 230V AC 12A
LC1D18P7 230V AC 18A
LC1D25P7 230V AC 25A
LC1D32P7 230V AC 32A
LC1D38P7 230V AC 38A
LC1D40AP7 230V AC 40A
LC1D50AP7 230V AC 50A
LC1D65AP7 230V AC 65A
LC1D80P7 230V AC 80A
LC1D95P7 230V AC 95A
LC1D115P7 230V AC 115A
LC1D09U7 240V AC 9A
LC1D12U7 240V AC 12A
LC1D18U7 240V AC 18A
LC1D25U7 240V AC 25A
LC1D32U7 240V AC 32A
LC1D38U7 240V AC 38A
LC1D40AU7 240V AC 40A
LC1D50AU7 240V AC 50A
LC1D65AU7 240V AC 65A
LC1D80U7 240V AC 80A
LC1D95U7 240V AC 95A
LC1D115U7 240V AC 115A
LC1D25V7 400V AC 25A
LC1D09N7 415V AC 9A
LC1D12N7 415V AC 12A
LC1D18N7 415V AC 18A
LC1D25N7 415V AC 25A
LC1D32N7 415V AC 32A
LC1D38N7 415V AC 38A
LC1D40AN7 415V AC 40A
LC1D50AN7 415V AC 50A
LC1D65AN7 415V AC 65A

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