VIA Technologies Android computers

VIA Technologies Android computers
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TME’s offer has been extended with VIA TECHNOLOGIES,INC computers. This equipment runs with Android system. The heart of every computer is the ARM Cortex-A9 processor operating at the frequency of 800MHz. Depending on the version, computers are equipped with 2 or 4 GB Flash memory, USB OTG interface, but also with graphic system allowing to play images in FullHD quality. The manufacturer also took great care about more advanced users and equipped the board with GPIO pins of a microcontroller, JTAG, UART and I2C interfaces as well as touch panel connection. The whole is placed on a standard Neo-ITX size board which is compatible with Mini and Micro – ATX.

Computers can be used in home applications e.g. multimedia stations allowing playing films, music or surfing the Internet. They can also be used in more advanced applications, such as building automatics or information systems in public utility buildings.


Model APC8950-ROCK APC8750
Operating system Android 4.0 Android 2.3
Processor ARM-Cortex-A9 800MHz ARM-Cortex-A9 800MHz
Memory DDR3 512MB, 4GB NAND Flash DDR3 512MB, 2GB NAND Flash
Graphic system ARM Mali-400GPU rozdzielczość 1080p ARM Mali-200GPU rozdzielczość 720p
Interfaces HDMI, VGA, USB2.0 (x2), microUSB (OTG), audio out, mic in, microSD HDMI, VGA, USB2.0 (x4), audio out, mic in, microSD
Network Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100
JTAG 20-pin -
Additional interfaces GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART -
Dimensions 170 x 85 mm 170 x 85 mm


Symbol Description
APC8950-ROCK PC; uP: WM8950; RAM:512MB; 12VDC; Flash:4GB
APC8750 PC; uP: WM8750; RAM:512MB; 9÷12VDC; Flash:2GB


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