Green Up Your Waste in Washington !

Green Up Your Waste w Waszyngtonie !

Enactus (SIFE) University of Łódź team is going to Washington to present the Green Up Your Waste – a project executed together with TME!

Enactus (SIFE) University of Łódź team, for the first time in history, won the Enactus (SIFE) Poland 2012 National Competition that took place in June 4, 2012, in Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw. The Łódź team won the first prize presenting, among others, the program executed at TME – Green Up Your Waste. Now, the winning team will represent Poland at SIFE World Cup 2012 that will be held from September 29 to October 02, 2012 in Washington. Enactus (SIFE) students will challenge representatives from 38 countries.

Enactus (SIFE) University of Łódź students have already won laurels for the Green Up Your Waste project – in 2011 they were awarded with the "Unilever Sustainable Living Award".

Previous Green Up Your Waste project results conducted at TME:
• Reduction of municipal waste by over 80%,
• Recycling of plastic materials, cardboard and foil
• Reduction of waste collection costs by approximately 50%
• Reduction of packages and filling materials volume by approximately 30%
• Replacement of usual filling materials with biodegradable ones
• Reduction of costs related to packagings by approximately 20%
• Limitation of paper usage by 70%
• Introduction of environmental management system
• Over 250 entrepreneurs who used Ecological Guide (over 250 unique users of Environmental Information Website )


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