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HELUKABEL is a well-known brand among engineers and technicians who value high quality cables. Products designed in HELUKABEL laboratories are the result of meticulous research on all aspects of cables – from their electrical properties to mechanical durability.



HELUKABEL's portfolio is comprised of a vast array of specialised products. One example is the HELUSOUND® series. Cables bearing that name are specially designed for sound technicians and musicians. Manufactured with HELUKABEL's trademark precision, these cables have excellent work parameters and outstanding durability. Several cables from this series are shown below, as well as other stage cables (lighting, power) from HELUKABEL – all of these products are available at TME.



Microphones. SOUND-400038

A microphone cable suitable for use in professional recording studios and on stages. Two 0.22 mm2 copper (bare) cores, double spiral screen and black PVC sheath, additionally reinforced with textile filler. This cable's external diameter is 6 mm.


Instruments. SOUND-400036

An instrument cable with spiral screen and foam-skin-PE core insulation. Thanks to the 0.38 mm2 core cross-section, this cable lets you achieve parameters suitable for both recording studios and stages.


Speakers. HELUSOUND®

A series of speaker cables with 1.5–4 mm2 core cross-section (6.6–16.8 mm with insulation). The thinner cables are used in applications that require durable and flexible solutions (temporary installations, e.g. during conferences). Their minimum bending radius is 33 mm.


Power supply. TITANEX®

A series of cables for general industrial use. Excellent properties of insulating materials and elastomer sheaths give the TITANEX cables their unparalleled flexibility and durability. Designed for the toughest conditions, they are the perfect solution for supplying power to stages or recording studios.


Light and sound. LIGHT.DMX-400032

The LIGHT.DMX-400032 cable – part of the HELULIGHT® family, but with wider applications – complements HELUKABEL's portfolio of scene cables. This cable is designed for permanent installations (both indoor and outdoor). Its copper spiral screen perfectly protects both its cores from external interferences. The cores are further protected by textile filler. HELUKABEL especially recommends this particular cable for stage lighting installations and digital sound amplifier connections.


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