ADAPTERS USB 2.0 – RS-232 serial interface

DIGITUS USB 2.0 - RS232 adapters allow easy connection of devices equipped with a serial port to the USB port. Thanks to the application of FTDI FT232RL chipset, adapters can be easily recognized by Windows operating systems. The interface is most widely used to connect devices equipped with a serial port, such as modems, meters, tuners etc.


Symbol Description
USB2.0-RS232 Adapter USB-RS-232; D-Sub 9pin plug,USB A plug; 0,8m; black
USB2.0-2XRS232 Adapter USB-RS-232; D-Sub 9pin plug x2,USB A plug; 1,5m; black
USB2.0-4XRS232 Adapter USB-RS-232; D-Sub 9pin plug x4,USB A plug; 1,5m; black


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