Colourful XLR socket marking gaskets from CLIFF

Colourful XLR socket marking gaskets from CLIFF
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TME’s offer includes socket gaskets in XLR cases (19x24mm) for colour identification. They come in 7 colours, which enable you to clearly mark each socket of a panel. The rubber prevents dust from entering the panel. The gaskets can be mounted with additional brass spacers, included with your purchase.


Symbol Description
CP299902 socket gasket; black; 19x24mm
CP299903 socket gasket; white; 19x24mm
CP299904 socket gasket; grey; 19x24mm
CP299905 socket gasket; green; 19x24mm
CP299906 socket gasket; yellow; 19x24mm
CP299907 socket gasket; red; 19x24mm
CP299908 socket gasket; blue; 19x24mm


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