Floppy Cap series single-phase capacitors

Floppy Cap series single-phase capacitors
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DUCATI single-phase capacitors constitute another proposal of TME in the field of power coefficient improvement.
FLOPPY CAP capacitors are equipped with metal enclosures, closed from the connectors side by means of non-combustible material cover. They are also equipped with over-pressure protection.

Presently, at the TME’s warehouse, there is available a 416.30.6264 capacitor of this series, which offers the following parameters:


Operating voltage: 450V AC
Reactive power: 3,33kVar
Current: 7,4A
Capacity: 52,4uF
Dimensions: fi60x137mm


Symbol Description
416.30.6264 Capacitor: for motors; 52,4uF; 450V; -5 ÷ +10%; 3,33kVAR; 110000h


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