LEDs for lighting food from LITEON

LEDs for lighting food from LITEON
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LTW-3030BSL product family includes special LITEON LEDs which can be used in glass showcases, refrigerated display cases and in other places where fresh bread, vegetables or meat are displayed.
Spectrum of the light emitted by them show food products in their best light – they look fresh and tasty.


LED colour white
Operating current 150mA
Viewing angle 120°
Package 3030
Mounting SMD


Symbol Luminosity (typical) CRI Application
LTW-3030BSL24 78lm 90 bread
LTW-3030BSL30 78lm 80 packed meat
LTW-3030BSL35 84lm 90 fresh meat
LTW-3030BSL42 97lm 90 vegetables


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