Liquid flowmeter sensor PRZ-1800/L

Liquid flowmeter sensor PRZ-1800/L

The PRZ-1800/L flowmeter is adjusted to measure low viscosity liquid flow. It has been designed for pressure coffee making machines, using vibration pumps to prevent measuring errors that may appear due to water pulsation, it is also presently used in other equipment. Thanks to cohesive design, it can be installed in 4 different positions.


Sensor type turbine flowmeter
Supply voltage 4,5...24V DC
Measuring range 0,06...0,6 l/min
Output configuration NPN
Resolution 1880 imp/litre
Sensor features liquid measurement of low viscosity
Operating temperature -10...65°C
Connection stub pipes Ø6mm


Symbol Description
PRZ-1800/L Sensor: turbine flowmeter; 4,5÷24VDC; Output config.: NPN


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