Schurter 6A 250VAC suppression filters

Schurter 6A 250VAC suppression filters
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TME offer consists of unipolar suppression filters with the operation voltage of 250V AC. The X2 and Y2 capacitors applied in those products ensure filtering of interferences between the L/N, PE, and L, and N lines. Filters are VDE and UL certified. A typical connection circuit allows using SCHURTER filters interchangeably with other manufacturers’ elements.


Inductance of a single winding 0.8mH
Cx Capacity 15nF
Cy Capacity 2.2nF
Max operating current 6A
Leads connectors 6,3x0,8mm
Operating temp. -25...100°C
Casing dimensions 25 x 29 x 42mm


Symbol Description
5500.2041 Suppression filter; 250VAC; 0,8mH; Cx:15nF; Cy:2,2nF; 6A


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