SmartFan Wisp II – simple DC fans control

SmartFan Wisp II is designed to control small DC fans thanks to the embedded temperature sensor.
It is available in two versions: Closed-Loop (temperature control – option 35°C or 40°C) or Open-Loop (temperature compensation 35/23°C). Controller’s rated power is sufficient to control three typical fans in the dimension of 120mm. Supply voltage in the range of 11,5-30 VDC allows to control 12 and 24 VDC fans.

• Noise level reduction
• Energy saving
• Completely autonomous device with embedded sensor
• 12 and 24 VDC voltage fans control
• Wide range of supply voltage range from 11,5 up to 30 VDC
• The design offers maximum freedom of uses in special applications
• Maximum operating temperature 70°C


Symbol Description
018W135-F DC fan controller; SmartFan WISP II; Closed-Loop; 35°C
018W135P-F DC fan controller; SmartFan WISP II; Open-Loop; 35/23°C
018W140-F DC fan controller; SmartFan WISP II; Closed-Loop; 40°C


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