SR series SMD polymer fuses

SR series SMD polymer fuses
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Polymer SMD fuses in the 0805 housing of a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer ECE have lower resistance and faster response times than the standard implementations. They are designed for modern equipment with lots of items requiring appropriate safeguards, such as: computers, peripheral devices, industrial controllers, automotive systems and many others.


Symbol Description
SR010-15 Fuse: polymer, PTC; 100mA; Housing: 0805
SR020-09 Fuse: polymer, PTC; 200mA; Housing: 0805
SR035-06 Fuse: polymer, PTC; 350mA; Housing: 0805
SR050-06 Fuse: polymer, PTC; 500mA; Housing: 0805
SR075-06 Fuse: polymer, PTC; 750mA; Housing: 0805


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