TCL-DC series DC/DC converters from TRACO POWER

TCL-DC series DC/DC converters from TRACO POWER
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TRACO POWER's TCL-DC series includes six DC/DC converters for DIN-rail mounting. Thanks to their wide range of supported input voltage they can be used in most popular automation systems.

These converters allow for precise control of output voltage and are safeguarded against overloading and short circuiting.


Symbol Input Output Output
  Voltage Voltage Current
  [V DC] [V DC] [A]
TCL012-124DC 9.5–18 24 1
TCL024-105DC 18–75 5 5
TCL024-112DC 18–75 12 2
TCL024-124DC 18–75 24 1
TCL060-112DC 18–75 12 5
TCL060-124DC 18–75 24 2.5


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