TE Connectivity THT resistor kits

TE Connectivity THT resistor kits
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TME’s offer has been extended with very functional THT resistors. They are metal plated resistors, LR series with the power of 0,6W and tolerances 1% or 5%.

The kit includes the most popular resistor values:

- R10 - R82 5% according to the E12 series
- 1R - 9R1 1% according to the E24 series
- 10R - 1M according to the E96 series with 1% tolerance.

The kit includes 153 values with 20 resistors each.

Symbol Description
RES-KIT-LR1RS Kit: resistors; THT; ±5%; 0R÷1MΩ; Il. value: 153; Il.pcs: 3060


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