Toolsets from GOLDTOOL

Toolsets from GOLDTOOL
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The GT-700B toolset from GOLDTOOL is a set of one hundred most useful tools, which will prove handy in the majority of simple service, mechanical and electrical works.
The set includes e.g.:
  • slot, Torx and Phillips screwdrivers,
  • pliers,
  • spanners,
  • hex keys,
  • soldering iron w/ accessories,
  • bench vice,
  • universal knife,
  • battery drill,
  • torch,
  • multimeter.
The tools come in a rugged, aluminium case, additionally protected by two key locks. Each tool features a rubber grip, thanks to which they do not move within the case during transport.


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GT-700B Set: general purpose; Pcs:100; Package: case


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