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Fluke TI1XX series infrared cameras

Fluke TI1XX series infrared cameras

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Newly implemented series of camera is equipped with a non-cooled matrices offering the resolution of 160x120 pixels.

The TI models are designed for industrial applications – their thermal sensitivity is up to 100mK, and the range of taken temperatures is from -20°C to +250°C (+350°C FLK-TI125). The TIR cameras are dedicated to construction and offer lower range of taken temperatures, i.e. from -20°C to +150°C and thermal sensitivity of 80mK.

Other features offered by this series of cameras include:
- coloured LCD display with the diagonal of 3,5” with adjustable display brightness
- embedded digital camera (except for the FLK-TI100 model) allowing to make hybrids out of infrared and digital images, IR Fusion.
- manual adjustment of image sharpness or in the Free Focus mode
- laser indicator and backlight
- embedded digital compass (except for the FLK-TI100 model)
- the function of recording voice messages and images
- transmissivity correction function

Symbol Description
FLK-TI100 Infrared camera; 160x120; -20÷250°C; display: LCD 3,5”
FLK-TI110 Infrared camera; 160x120; -20÷250°C; display: LCD 3,5”; IR Fusion
FLK-TI125 Infrared camera; 160x120; -20÷350°C; display: LCD 3,5”; IR Fusion


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