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Thermaltronics soldering stations

Thermaltronics soldering stations

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THERMALTRONICS high-class soldering stations are available in the TME offer.
These are professional devices based on the CHT technology (Curie Heat Technology), in which the heat release process takes place directly at the end of the soldering tip. This ensures temperature control accuracy at ±1.1°C and allows for individual power adaptation to each soldering point.
All devices are manufactured in ESD version exclusively from the highest quality materials. They may be used to work with lead and lead-free binders.
The availability of a large number of tips (over 150 in the TME offer) of different sizes and a broad range of application, makes THERMALTRONICS stations a perfect solution for production and maintenance work.
THERMALTRONICS products, in the TME's offer, are fully compatible with devices of the company Metcal.


  • temperature stability ±1.1°C
  • quick tip replacement in hot state
  • soldering station wire is resistant to high temperature,
  • energy release directly at the tip,
  • fully compatible with Metcal devices,
  • gold-plated connector contacts of the tip,
  • manufactured in ESD version.

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