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AM6CW-NZ series DC/DC converters from Aimtec

AM6CW-NZ series DC/DC converters from Aimtec

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TME’s offer has been enriched by the AM6CW-NZ series DC/DC converters from AIMTEC, which supplement the ever-growing offer of 6W converters.

The AM6CW-NZ series offers a very wide range of input voltages (4:1), among which 40-160V DC is especially noteworthy. Other advantages include:

  • compact size 1"x1" (25.4 x 25.4 x 11.7mm),
  • very low power consumption without load ≤ 0.12W.

This is particularly important in the process of developing applications that have to be of compact dimensions, and have to meet strict requirements regarding power consumption.

The new series from AIMTEC has been designed to be used in harsh conditions. It enables operation in a wide range of temperatures - from -40°C to +85°C, and it features a tight aluminium enclosure for protection against dust and humidity – up to 95% RH. What is more, it also features the necessary safeguards against: overload, overvoltage, continuous short circuit, as well as protection against insufficient input voltage.

AM6CW-NZ converters ensure high efficiency of up to 88%, and they allow for a wide selection of output voltages, depending on the particular model:

  • 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15 or 24V DC in single output models,
  • ±5, ±12, ±15 or ±24 in dual output models.

Symbol Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output current Efficiency
AM6CW-2403S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 3.3VDC 1500mA 79%
AM6CW-2405S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 5VDC 1200mA 83%
AM6CW-2409S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 9VDC 667mA 85%
AM6CW-2412S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 12VDC 500mA 87%
AM6CW-2415S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 15VDC 400mA 88%
AM6CW-2424S-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC 24VDC 250mA 88%
AM6CW-4803S-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC 3.3VDC 1500mA 79%
AM6CW-4805S-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC 5VDC 1200mA 83%
AM6CW-4812S-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC 12VDC 500mA 87%
AM6CW-4815S-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC 15VDC 400mA 88%
AM6CW-4824S-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC 24VDC 250mA 88%
AM6CW-11005S-NZ 6W 40÷160VDC 5VDC 1200mA 81%
AM6CW-11012S-NZ 6W 40÷160VDC 12VDC 500mA 83%
AM6CW-11015S-NZ 6W 40÷160VDC 15VDC 400mA 85%
AM6CW-11024S-NZ 6W 40÷160VDC 24VDC 250mA 85%
AM6CW-2405D-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC ±5V ±600mA 83%
AM6CW-2412D-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC ±12V ±250mA 87%
AM6CW-2415D-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC ±15V ±200mA 88%
AM6CW-2424D-NZ 6W 9÷36VDC ±24V ±125mA 88%
AM6CW-4805D-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC ±5V ±600mA 83%
AM6CW-4812D-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC ±12V ±250mA 87%
AM6CW-4815D-NZ 6W 18÷75VDC ±15V ±200mA 88%


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