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Littelfuse Smart Glow series fuses

Littelfuse Smart Glow series fuses

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We have decided to include 19 mm (Unival) and 10,9 mm (Minival) LITTELFUSE Smart Glow series automotive fuses to our offer.

The innovation of those fuses features an interesting solution, namely, LED indicator embedded in the fuse enclosure. The LED glows when the fuse is blown, saving time in troubleshooting. Thanks to this, we do not have to look for a blown fuse – it will be visible through the LED and will show the need to replace.

Symbol Description
dimension 19mm Standard Unival
0ATO003.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 3A; 12V DC
0ATO005.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 5A; 12V DC
0ATO010.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 10A; 12V DC
0ATO015.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 15A; 12V DC
0ATO020.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 20A; 12V DC
0ATO025.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 25A; 12V DC
0ATO030.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 30A; 12V DC
0ATO07.5HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 19mm; 7,5A; 12V DC
dimension 10,9mm standard Minival
0MINI003.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 3A; 12V DC
0MINI005.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 5A; 12V DC
0MINI010.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 10A; 12V DC
0MINI015.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 15A; 12V DC
0MINI020.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 20A; 12V DC
0MINI025.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 25A; 12V DC
0MINI030.HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 30A; 12V DC
0MINI07.5HXGLO Fuse: vehicle; 10,9mm; 7,5A; 12V DC


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