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MHL adapters for mobile devices

MHL adapters for mobile devices

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TME has extended its offer with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) adapters. Adapters allow connection of a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) with a TV set or a display. Whilst the connection, sound and high resolution picture transmission takes place and the device’s battery is simultaneously charged.
MHL adapters available at TME, are equipped with input micro USB B plug, USB connection used for power supply and (depending on the version) with the output connection:

• DVI-D,
• D-Sub 15 pin HD (VGA) together with Jack 3,5 mm stereo connection.

Symbol Description
MHL.01 MHL adapter; HDMI socket, USB B micro plug
MHL.04 MHL adapter; D-Sub 15pin HD socket, Jack 3,5mm socket, USB B micro plug
MHL.05 MHL adapter; HDMI socket, USB B micro plug; for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4


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