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Chainflex® cables from IGUS

Chainflex® cables from IGUS

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TME’s offer has been enriched by the chainflex® cables from a renowned IGUS company, specifically designed for mobile applications. TME’s offer of the chainflex® cables from IGUS includes control cables, test leads, and data transmission cables, characterized by high reliability and longevity in chain conveyors and other mobile applications.

Symbol Description
CF10.05.04 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 4x0.5mm2; shielded; TPE; black
CF10.07.04 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 4G0.75mm2; shielded; TPE; black
CF10.07.05 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 5G0.75mm2; shielded; TPE; black
CF10.07.07 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 7G0.75mm2; shielded; TPE; black
CF10.10.03 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 3G1mm2; shielded; TPE; black; 300/500V
CF10.10.04 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 4G1mm2; shielded; TPE; black; 300/500V
CF10.15.04 Cable; chainflex® CF10; 4G1.5mm2; shielded; TPE; black
CF130.02.03.UL Cable; chainflex® CF130.UL; stranded; Cu; 3x0.25mm2; PVC; grey
CF130.02.04.UL Cable; chainflex® CF130.UL; stranded; Cu; 4x0.25mm2; PVC; grey
CF130.02.06.UL Cable; chainflex® CF130.UL; stranded; Cu; 6x0.25mm2; PVC; grey
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