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VARTA Power One batteries

VARTA Power One batteries

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TME offer has been extended with VARTA Microbattery Power One alkaline batteries. Batteries are available in the following sizes: AAA(LR03), AA(LR6),C(LR14), D(LR20) and 6LR61(9V).

Symbol Description
BAT-LR6X4/V Battery: alkaline; 1,5V; AA; Power One; Ø14,5x50,5mm; 2600mAh
BAT-LR6X2/V Battery: alkaline; 1,5V; AA; Power One; Ø14,5x50,5mm; 2600mAh
BAT-LR03X4/V Battery: alkaline; 1,5V; AAA; Power One; Ø10,5x44,5mm; 1200mAh
BAT-LR20/V Battery: alkaline; 1,5V; D; Power One; Ø34,2x61,5mm; 16500mAh
BAT-LR14/V Battery: alkaline; 1,5V; C; Power One; Ø26,2x50mm; 7800mAh
BAT-6LR61/V-F Battery: alkaline; 9V; Power One; 25,5x47,5x16,5mm; 550mAh


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