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New Alfa Electric fans

New Alfa Electric fans

TME offer has been extended to include new products of ALFA ELECTRIC.

Filter fans with guards:

  • they provide effective cooling for control cabinets wherever the temperature outside the cabinet is lower and not dusty,
  • they are mounted with a snap fastener, without using screws on the enclosures of the cabinet,
  • the distinctive feature is the slightly protruding surface and aesthetic appearance.

Specifications of the fans with filter:

  • axial fan with ball bearing,
  • made of self-extinguishing plastic ABS V0 RAL 7032,
  • the highly efficient purifying filters are made of self-extinguishing acrylic fibre,
  • protection class IP54,
  • other supply voltages at customer's request.

Symbol Description
ALFA1600BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 120x120x38mm; 55m3/h; 43dBA; IP54
ALFA2300BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 120x120x38mm; 120m3/h; 43dBA; IP54
ALFA2500BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 172x151x51mm; 230m3/h; 53dBA; IP54
ALFA2600BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 172x151x51mm; 370m3/h; 65dBA; IP54
ALFA3500BPB Fan; AC; axial; 230VAC; Ø220x70mm; 500m3/h; 65dBA; ball bearing
ALFA3600BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; Ø270x70mm; 630m3/h; 72dBA; ball bearing
ALFAA500BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 92x92x38mm; 24m3/h; 30dBA; ball bearing
ALFAA510BPB Fan: AC; axial; 115VAC; 92x92x38mm; 24m3/h; 30dBA; ball bearing
ALFAB500BPB Fan: AC; axial; 230VAC; 120x120x38mm; 110m3/h; 43dBA; IP54


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