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Frequency converters from Cobi Electronic

Frequency converters from Cobi Electronic

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TME’s offer has just been enriched by new converters from COBI ELECTRONIC designed to control fans. The converters are IP65-compliant, and they can be mounted outdoors. Factory setpoints ensure fast and easy installation.
The device features numerous safeguards: built-in RFI filter, safety fuse, protective thermistor, VDR, electronic overload protection.

Symbol Description
CM-1F-0.22 AC Fan controller; 2.5A; -25÷50°C; Leads: clamps 1.5mm2
CM-1F-0.37 AC Fan controller; 3A; -25÷50°C; Leads: clamps 1.5mm2
CM-1F-0.55 AC Fan controller; 4A; -25÷50°C; Leads: clamps 1.5mm2
CM-1F-0.75 AC Fan controller; 5A; -25÷50°C; Leads: clamps 1.5mm2


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