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Connector inserts with quick conductor insertion system

Connector inserts with quick conductor insertion system

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Among ILME products in TME offer one can find connector inserts with an innovative, very convenient system for conductor insertion – SQUICH.

Basic features include:

  • spring-clamp connector with actuator button,
  • quick conductor insertion,
  • wide range of cross-sections (0,14-2,5mm2),
  • single and multi-wire cable insertion,
  • shock-proof connection,
  • no cabling tool necessary,
  • operating temperature range -40 ÷ 120°C,
  • standard sizes.

    Connector inserts in the version with SQUICH – quick wire installation system in the TME offer:

CSHF06 6pin female insert, "44.27" snap-on terminals
CSHF10 10pin female insert, "57.27" snap-on terminals
CSHF16 16pin female insert, "77.27" snap-on terminals
CSHF24 24pin female insert, "104.27" snap-on terminals
CSHM06 6pin male insert, "44.27" snap-on terminals
CSHM10 10pin male insert, "57.27" snap-on terminals
CSHM16 16pin male insert, "77.27" snap-on terminals
CSHM24 24pin male insert, "104.27" snap-on terminals


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