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Richco ferrite antijamming cores

Richco ferrite antijamming cores

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TME’s offer has been enriched with RICHCO ferrite antijamming cores which are used to prevent interferences existing in two directions: from a device or to the device. Each cable acts like an aerial which can send and receive interferences. Antijamming cores reduce interferences to an acceptable level. They are mounted on cables, connections or directly to the printed circuit path.

Currently, our offer includes approximately 500 different kinds of RICHCO ferrite cores!

Sleeve ferrites
Ring ferrites
Ferrites for cables
[Ferrites - beads](/en/en/katalog/#search=feryty+koraliki&s_field=accuracy&s_order=DESC%2F visible_params=2%2C817%2C571%2C10%2C370%2C35%2C38%2C32%2C570%2C578%2C236&used_params=2%3A106758%3B "")
Ferrite inductors


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