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Dear Customers,

we are proud to inform you that the DHL Express air freight service has been launched in TME for the parcels up to 10 kg to the following countries: Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands. The transport is provided by DHL Express, takes 1 working day and costs 12,90 EUR .

Please remember about our standard form of delivery!

country time of delivery (working days) cost of delivery (euro)
Great Britain 3-4 7,90
France 3-4 7,90
Italy 3-4 7,90
Portugal 4-5 9,90
Spain 4 7,90
Denmark 2 7,90
Finland 3-6 8,80
Sweden 3-6 8,80
Austria 2-3 7,90
Belgium 3 7,90
Slovenia 3 8,90
Netherlands 2 7,90


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