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TME a distributor for Thermaltronics

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THERMALTRONICS is a company that specializes in the production of soldering stations based on CHT (Curie Heat Technology). Unlike most standard soldering that use resistive heating element, in THERMALTRONICS stations energy release process takes place directly at the end of the soldering tip by utilizing high frequency current and skin effect. Such a solution guarantees excellent temperature accuracy in the region of ±1.1° C and an immediate soldering reaction in the variable heat consumption that takes place during the soldering process.

THERMALTRONICS products available on the TME offer are fully compatible with Metcal devices. A broad range of tips of varying type and size provides versatility and the possibility of selecting a tip for a particular task.

All THERMALTRONICS stations are manufactured in ESD version, which means they can operate with leaded and lead-free binder, and are also fitted with a stand-by function, which reduces consumption of the soldering tips.

The high quality and accuracy of craftsmanship mean that THERMALTRONICS systems are successfully used on production lines, laboratories and maintenance centres.

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