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Modules and micropropulsions for the construction of robots in TME offer

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TME has added to its portfolio, products of the company POLOLU, which specializes in universal electronic modules and mechanical components used, among others, for the construction of simple robots.

The popular power supply modules consist of step-up/step-down converters, and can produce output voltages in the range 1.8-15V. They are also characterized by their small dimensions.

POLOLU also deals in micropropulsions, as such TME offer has been enriched with more than 70 small motors with gearboxes, dedicated wheels and fastenings. The whole range is complemented with modular motor controllers.

For the construction of prototypes we also recommend a broad range of sensor modules among others, accelerometers, gyroscopes and distance sensors.

The great versatility and good production quality make POLOLU products applicable in many electronic devices, not only robots. The entire POLOLU offer can be found in the new product category in TME: Robotics.


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