EEPROM 24LC1025-I/SM Microchip memory

EEPROM 24LC1025-I/SM Microchip memory

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The MICROCHIP 24LC1025-I/SM circuit is a serial EEPROM memory with the capacity of 1024 kbit (128kx8) adapted for operation in a wide range of supply voltages (2,5V-5,5V). They are used in low power applications connected with collection and exchange of data. The memory enables recording/reading blocks of data with the maximum size of 128B

  • power consumption
    • readout <450uA
    • standby mode 100nA
  • bi-conductor serial interface I2C
  • possibility of cascade connection of up to 4 circuits
  • high resistance to disturbances
  • timing of 100kHz /400kHz
  • data block recording speed (128B) typically 3ms
  • durability of above 1 million recording/readout cycles
  • data storage time >200 years
  • SOIC8 housing (5,28 mm)

Symbol Description
24LC1025-I/SM Memory: EEPROM; I2C; 128kx8bit; 2,5V÷5,5V; SOIC8


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