Diagnostic device enclosures

Diagnostic device enclosures

The TME’s range of products has been enriched with new OBD diagnostic device enclosures together with additional accessories.
Thanks to replaceable elements, enlosure can be adjusted to one’s own needs.
Those enclosure can be used, among others for the design of diagnostics devices with OBD and RS232 connectors.

Symbol Description
A-OBD-A Enclosure: for portable devices; X: 88mm; Y: 48mm; Z: 24mm; plastic
A-OBD-B Hole plug; 2pcs.
A-OBD-C Hole plug; Additional functions: seal wire 9,8 mm
A-OBD-D Connector: diagnostics OBD II; female; PIN: 16
A-OBD-E Connector: diagnostics OBD II; male; PIN: 16
A-OBD-F Enclosure: for portable devices; X: 99mm; Y: 48mm; Z: 24mm; plastic
A-OBD-G Hole plug; Usage: for RS232


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