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Single-turn potentiometers 1610 series with extreme lock positions

Single-turn potentiometers 1610 series with extreme lock positions

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TME has expanded the offer for single-turn potentiometers 1610 series of the brand SR PASSIVES.
The new potentiometers have extreme lock positions, and their mechanical angle is 340° ± 3°.
They are characterized by a long service life of up to 250,000 cycles through the resistive path made of plastic.
The 1610 Series are used in precise regulatory systems because of its wide operating temperature range and linearity tolerance of ± 2%.

Type of potentiometers Axial, single-turn
Path material plastic
Tolerance ±15%
Features linear
Power 1 W
Max. Operating voltage 250 V
Temp. Coefficient 500 ppm/°C
Linearity tolerance ±2%
Mechanical durability 250,000 cycles
Moment of force ≤4Ncm
Introduction to soldering
Axis diameter 6.35 mm
Axis length 14 mm
Thread length 8mm
Body dimensions Ø22.2 x 11.4 mm
Mounting screw M9x0.75
Operating temperature -55...125°C
Symbol Description
1610-1K-STOP Potentiometer: axial, single-turn; 1kΩ; 1W; ±15%; 6.35mm; linear
1610-2K-STOP Potentiometer: axial, single-turn; 2Ω; 1W; ±15%; 6.35mm; linear
1610-5K-STOP Potentiometer: axial, single-turn; 5kΩ; 1W; ±15%; 6.35mm; linear
1610-10K-STOP Potentiometer: axial, single-turn; 10kΩ; 1W; ±15%; 6.35mm; L: 14mm


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