Bridgetek (FTDI) FT930Q-T microcontroller

Bridgetek (FTDI) FT930Q-T microcontroller

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The BRIDGETEK (FTDI) FT930Q-T chip is a new, 32-bit RISC microcontroller based on the FT32B core. Due to the fact that it supports USB 2.0 and features a large number of serial communication interfaces it can act as a multi-converter in embedded systems, offering a high degree of integration and low power consumption.

Here are the chip's basic features:

  • frequency of operation 100 MHz,
  • 128 Kb of Flash program memory,
  • 128 Kb of program cache memory (shadow program memory),
  • no memory access delay (True Zero Wait States, 0WS),
  • efficiency: 3.1 DMIPS / MHz,
  • 32 Kb of data memory,
  • built-in hardware support for D2XX drivers (up to 7 interfaces),
  • hardware USB2.0 driver with data transmission support of up to 15 devices,
  • serial interfaces:
    • One-Wire (firmware modification, debugging),
    • 1x SPI Master,
    • 1x SPI Slave,
    • 1x I2C Master/Slave,
    • UART x4 (Full UART x2),
  • SD/SDHC/SDXC card support,
  • 8 PWM channels (out of which 2 can be configured as stereo audio output channels with 8/16-bit PCM support),
  • 3x 8-bit ADC, 2x 10-bit DAC,
  • powered with single 3.3 V DC voltage, GPIO lines tolerate 5 V DC voltage,
  • QFN68 package.

A MM930Mini compact development kit, which allows developer engineers to easily prototype, is also available.

Symbol Description
FT930Q-T Microcontroller;SRAM:32 kB;Flash:128 kB;100 MHz;QFN68;PWM:8


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