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DFRobot is one of the leading manufacturers of universal electronic modules made on the open-source hardware basis. DFRobot offers various products, accompanied by detailed descriptions of their uses based on sample projects.

One of the main DFRobot series are universal gravity modules, characterized by similar build and standardized pin-outs. Each module is provided with schematics, sample projects, and applications. The offer covers, among others, sound, movement, distance, gas, and touch sensor modules. An interesting option are modules with actuators, such as relays or engines that come together with their drive ICs.

DFRobot constantly broadens its offer and makes sure it follows the latest trends. The company introduces new modules all the time, making sure they can be connected with new platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, or Intel Joule. Particular attention is paid to product Arduino compatibility, hence the numerous shields and expansion modules.

TME’s offer also covers tracked and wheeled robot suspensions from DFRobot. Together with the available motor drive ICs and programmable controllers they allow you to build simple mobile platforms.

DFRobot modules are widely popular among hobbyists, students, and companies that look for quick prototyping solutions.

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