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Grounded, garden extension rods


Grounded, garden extension rods

Grounded, garden extension rods

PS-170 series extension rods available in TME’s offer are produced as single extension rods with a grounding system. The wire intersection is 1mm 2 and 1,5mm2. It allows to supply appliances with the maximum power of 2300 or 3600W (the maximum current consumption is 10 or 16A, respectively).

Thanks to the PVC insulation which is orange, they are easily distinguishable from the surroundings and they are used, among others, to supply electrical lawn mowers.

The extension rods are available in the most popular lengths: 10, 15, 20, 25, 60, 40 and 50 metres.
An example is PS-170/25-1.0 extension rod with the length of 25m and wire intersection of 1mm2.

Symbol Description
PS-170/25-1.0 Mains extension rod; grounded; Sockets:1; PVC; 25m; 10A