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> All products: KNIPEX

Number of products that meet the following criteria: 704

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Manufacturer  [704] 
Type of tool  [579] 
Type of spare part  [80] 
Type of tools set  [33] 
Type of suitcase  [6] 
Type of tool accessories  [4] 
Type of bag  [2] 
Kind of pliers  [386] 
Pliers length  [341] 
Tool material  [302] 
Cutting range  [191] 
Conform to the norm  [186] 
Blade hardness  [170] 
Version  [112] 
Application  [91] 
Kind of cut  [91] 
Tools application  [86] 
Kind of circlip  [72] 
Length  [72] 
Wire cross section  [68] 
Diameter  [67] 
Material  [65] 
Max. operating voltage  [58] 
Weight  [51] 
Wire size  [47] 
Crimp tool application  [45] 
Tool length  [39] 
Cable external diameter  [37]