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New COBI ELECTRONIC heating devices


New COBI ELECTRONIC heating devices

TME introduces into its offer new COBI ELECTRONIC products, namely radiator and blower heaters for cabinets with a heating capacity of 10-400W.

Blower heaters are fitted with aluminium enclosures and cutting-edge PTC heating elements. Their advantages include safe surface temperature, built-in thermal cut-out and high-efficiency ventilators. The products can be mounted on DIN rails. Moreover, COBI ELECTRONIC assures that it is the only manufacturer of 40x40mm blower heaters with a 230V uniform power supply system.

Small-size radiator heaters are also fitted with modern PTC heating elements and aluminium, DIN mounted enclosures.

Symbol Description
CV-H1-10 Radiator heater; 10W; IP20; DIN mounted; 230VAC
CV-H1-20 Radiator heater; 20W; IP20; DIN mounted; 25x25x125mm
CV-H1-30 Radiator heater; 30W; IP20; DIN mounted; 25x25x150mm
CV-H2-50 Radiator heater; 50W; IP20; DIN mounted; 40x40x75mm
CV-H2-75 Radiator heater; 75W; IP20; DIN mounted; 40x40x150mm
CV-H2-100 Radiator heater; 100W; IP20; DIN mounted; 40x40x175mm
CV-HB-50 Blower heater; 50W; IP20; DIN mounted; 40x54x102mm; 230VAC
CV-HB-100 Blower heater; 100W; IP20; DIN mounted; 40x54x153mm; 230VAC
CV-HB-200 Blower heater; 200W; IP20; DIN mounted; 80x83x90mm; 230VAC
CV-HB-400 Blower heater; 400W; IP20; DIN mounted; 80x125x90mm; 230VAC

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