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New JIANFU TACT microswitches


New JIANFU TACT microswitches

TME has expanded its range of products with new types of TACT microswitches manufactured by JIANFU. Multi-position switches come in handy in control solutions, whereas low-profile membrane microswitches allow for optimization of the size of designed devices.

We offer the following microswitches:

  • 6-position switches – 1 stable position & 5 momentary positions. This group of microswitches enables the following methods of operation: push left, right, (two positions for each direction, depending on the pushing angle) up, down, centre push, centre push & hold;
  • 4-position switches – 1 stable position & 3 momentary positions – left, right, centre push
  • 3-position switches – 1 stable position & 2 momentary positions, depending on the operating force TME’s offer also includes low-profile (membrane) microswitches. One of their greatest advantages is the height, starting from 0.35mm. This opens up great possibilities for designers and constructors of miniature devices. Discover the wide range of JIANFU microswitches available at TME.

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