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Panduit cable ties


Panduit cable ties

TME now offers new top-quality cable ties by PANDUIT.

In addition to standard cable ties, these are also cable ties with the addition of metal available, which can be used in the food and medical industry. The offer also includes cable ties that are resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation.

Ties made of PEEK, polyamide, polypropylene, AISI 316 acid-proof steel, AISI 304 stainless steel and TEFZEL are available in lengths from 71mm to 841mm.

The most popular series of products available from TME:


Pan-Ty® PLT

Dome-Top® Barb Ty


Pan-Ty® Bow-TY™ PLB

Pan-Ty® PLC

Pan-Ty® PLF

Pan-Ty® PLM

Pan-Ty® PLST

Pan-Ty® PLWP

Pan-Ty® PRT

Pan-Ty® PRWP


We encourage you to learn more about the offer of PANDUIT cable ties available at TME.


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