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Miniature AC/DC converters from AIMTEC with a high degree of insulation


Miniature AC/DC converters from AIMTEC with a high degree of insulation

TME’s offer has been enriched by new AC/DC converters from AIMTEC.

The products come in 1x1” package and are designed for PCB mounting. They are characterised by a high degree of I/O insulation (4kVAC) as well as low power consumption of <0.2W when unloaded. The AMEM5 series features continuous short circuit and surge protection. The converters can power loads of up to 10,000µF capacity (AMEM5-3.3SY), and they do not require any minimum loads to operate correctly. AMEM5 series converters from AIMTEC are dedicated for industrial applications and measurement devices.

Type of converter AC/DC
Power 5 W
Supply voltage 85...264V AC, 120...370V DC
Operating temperature -25...70°C
External dimensions 25.4x25.4x15.2mm

Symbol Description
AMEM5-12SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 12VDC; Iout: 0.41A; 78%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-15SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 15VDC; Iout: 0.33A; 78%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-24SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 24VDC; Iout: 0.2A; 78%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-3.3SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 3,3VDC; Iout: 1.51A; 74%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-36SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 36VDC; Iout: 0.135A; 78%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-48SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 48VDC; Iout: 0.1A; 78%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-5SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 5VDC; Iout: 1A; 74%; Mounting: PCB
AMEM5-9SY Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Uout: 9VDC; Iout: 0.55A; 78%; Mounting: PCB

Check out the full offer of AMEM5 series converters from AIMTEC available at TME.


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