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BAHCO pneumatic tools


TME's product range has been enhanced with a wide range of professional pneumatic tools. It includes products from a reputable brand BAHCO. Our customers can now order impact wrenches, ratchet, shears, angle grinders, belt grinders, low-turning grinders, riveting machines, metal saws, polishing machines, and drills directly from our warehouse.

Durable and simple BAHCO pneumatic tools

Among the greatest advantages of pneumatic tools are their durability and simplicity. Pneumatic tools are powered with compressed air, so they do not generate sparks, which is particularly important in environments prone to explosion. Its size and light weight make servicing and maintenance easy. A major advantage is the relatively low maintenance cost of pneumatic tools. Pneumatic tools are perfect for dusty environments, such as wood or metal industry, car repair shops, production lines, and in areas where other tools may present a risk of explosion. Thanks to the way they work, they are indispensable when working in a underwater or humid environment. They are also characterized by durability and excellent quality.

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