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Waterproof connector kits offered by Connfly


One of the most important products in TME’s catalogue are components intended to use in harsh environmental conditions. That is why we make sure that our offer includes parts and consumables for heavy operation. One of the novelties at TME for such working conditions are waterproof connectors offered by Connfly.

Connector kits by Connfly consist of a plug for cable and a socket for panel. Connectors are available with 2-, 3- and 4-pins. The maximum current for each pin is 5A at 500V. A socket for the panel has an additional protective cover on a plastic cord.

Waterproof connector kit Connfly DS1110-24-02BU8

Since these connectors have an IP67 rating, they are not only resistant to dust, but they can also operate in a humid environment. Hence, solutions offered by Connfly are appropriate products to work in a harsh operating environment that is present in many industries. They can also be successfully used in any machine parks - providing durable and reliable signalling and even communication connections between the system components. Check out connector kits in the catalogue

Type of connector circular
Kind of connector male + female
Number of pins 2, 3, 4
current rating 5A
IP rating IP67
Rated voltage 500V
Mechanical mounting for panel, for cable, rear side nut
Electrical mounting soldering
Kit content plug + socket


Symbol Description
DS1110-24-02BU8 Connector:circular;male + female;PIN:2;5A;IP67;500V;soldering
DS1110-24-03BU8 Connector:circular;male + female;PIN:3;5A;IP67;500V;soldering
DS1110-24-04BU8 Connector:circular;male + female;PIN:4;5A;IP67;500V;soldering


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